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The Lookout | November 30, 2020

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Into to Ethics provokes thought

Into to Ethics provokes thought
The Lookout

By Aaron Wilton
Associate Editor

Most of the people on Earth believe they are guided through daily life by a set of morals. A smaller number of people have actually taken the time to study in the field of ethics.

Ethics is one of the five major philosophical disciplines: ethics, aesthetics, logic, ontology and epistemology.

Philosophy is considered to be the “father of the sciences” and “the science of rationality.”

I have taken classes called “Introduction to Logic” and “Introduction to Ethics,” the latter of which I am currently enrolled in at LCC.

The logic class was interesting and it made me want more. I enrolled in the ethics class this semester and was lucky enough to get the same professor.

Chris Schneck, my ethics and logic professor, has a calm teaching style and he wants students to react and ask questions.

I’ve really enjoyed having him as a teacher. The topics that we cover in the course are really controversial.

On the flip side of that we are also covering ethical theories and the ways to get the “good.”

We’ve read Immanuel Kant, J.J.C. Smart, J.S. Mill, Philippa Foot, Robert Nozick and David Hume, but we are not finished with the semester.

I really recommend this class, as well as intro to logic, to anyone who thinks they know where they stand morally.

For anyone who is worried they may be offended if they take this course, please keep in mind that we are all adults.

If someone says something that you disagree with, it does not mean others are attacking your way of life. Nor does it mean you have to teach them to do things your way.

People are going to disagree, but it is not the end of the world. The point is for you to have an open mind and hear some alternatives to your own beliefs.

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