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The Lookout | September 28, 2021

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Candidates seek LCC trustee seats

Candidates seek LCC trustee seats
The Lookout

By Aaron Emerson

Ingham County voters will go to the polls Nov. 8, with several choices for the Lansing Community College Board of Trustees available.

There are five candidates running for four spots on the board. One of those spots will go to current Trustee Larry Meyer, who is running unopposed for a four-year term.

That leaves three six-year terms up for grabs amongst four candidates.

Two of those are hopeful newcomers Angela Mathews and Ryan Buck. They are running against current board members Robert Proctor and Alex Azima.

Deborah Canja, a trustee since 2007, is not seeking re-election.

The Lookout spoke to all five candidates. Meyer, Proctor and Azima were profiled in the Sept. 26 issue. Here is a look at Mathews and Buck:

Angela Mathews

20160114_150130 (1)

Job/political experience: Lansing School District hiring coordinator for six years. Currently a minister at Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church in Lansing and video instructor for Hope Central.

Why do you want to run for a trustee spot? “I have a heart for every student being able to obtain an affordable education. Education needs to be affordable, but every career path a student wants to go down should also be obtainable.”

What do you want to see happen at LCC? “That every student has a right to attend this college without the headache of wondering … if they can afford it. I want them to be able to get the help and service they need to be able to achieve what they set out for. Even if they want to change their major or transfer, there needs to be help available to them.”

What do you want to tell the students? “Students are the generation of tomorrow. Their voice matters. Whether that is tomorrow’s tomorrow or years down the road, it’s so important for them to have a voice, to get involved and to vote. I would also like for the board to be open to hearing from them. They are so important.”

Ryan Buck

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Job/political experience: Currently the Chief Deputy Clerk of Ingham County Circuit Court. Worked with the Alvin L. Storrs Low-Income Tax Clinic. Member of the State Bar of Michigan.

Why do you want to run for a trustee spot? “I have lived near LCC’s downtown Lansing campus for several years now. I have watched the college ebb and flow over the years and I felt this was the best time to get involved with the governance of the institution.”

What do you want to see happen at LCC? “(I want to) keep students outside the student debt bubble, build a better bridge between the administration, students, faculty and staff. (Also), transparent governance.”

What do you want to tell the students? “LCC students should vote for me because I understand the challenges they face, both in the classroom and the real job market. Moreover, I believe that I am unique among the candidates in that I understand all too well the burden that student debt presents. When taken together, I believe I am well-equipped to guide LCC through the next few years, and move the institution in a direction that students would be proud of.”

The Lookout profiles on Proctor, Azima and Meyer can be found here: