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The Lookout | September 28, 2021

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LCC looking to fill 51 student positions

LCC looking to fill 51 student positions
The Lookout

By Aaron Wilton
Associate Editor

It turns out one of the best places with jobs that are plentiful and flexible is the very same school that students attend. LCC has many jobs currently open for student applicants.

James Woolcock, the student employment coordinator at LCC, said 51 student jobs are available at LCC as of Sept. 22

“That’s across all campuses,” Woolcock said. “I keep getting new postings every few days and I try to get them out there for students as quick as I can.”

He said this is the largest number of job postings he has seen in his 14 years as employment coordinator. He said there are a couple factors causing this large number.

“There’s fewer students here and that in itself can create some challenges,” Woolcock said.

“Compared to when we were in the recession … it was a totally different story because people were out of work and our enrollment numbers were up.”

He added another factor: the college has to compete with other Lansing area employers.

“Our positions are paying better than they ever have,” Woolcock said. “Student employees are at $8.90 an hour; that was increased from $8.50 in the previous year.

“But it is still tough to compete with some of the other employers locally, like the State of Michigan that pays student assistants, I think, $13.68 an hour.”

Woolcock said despite the challenges facing LCC, his office is still trying to get the word out about the positions available.

“The majority of student-employee positions are clerical in nature,” Woolcock said. “Beyond that there are positions like (those at The Lookout) that are more specific to a particular major.”

He said positions range from front-desk jobs to mailroom positions, with dozens more in between.

According to Woolcock, benefits for students working at LCC include gaining strong references for future employment, and convenience.

Ashley Fannon, a financial aid student staff assistant, has worked with LCC for over a year. She explained her favorite aspects of her student employment.

“I love the job because of the hours; they’re really flexible,” Fannon said.

“I can come straight from class to work and my boss works around my school schedule. The only bad part is that we can’t work more than 25 hours a week.”

Fannon said she would encourage others to apply for student positions.

Woolcock said the Federal Work Study program is another way for students who get federal financial aid to be employed.

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