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The Lookout | October 29, 2020

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LCC Board of Trustees members share their opinions, reflects on events

LCC Board of Trustees members share their opinions, reflects on events
The Lookout

By Aaron Wilton
Staff Writer

LCC Provost Richard Prystowsky gave an update on the Guided Pathways program during the LCC Board of Trustees’ regular meeting Monday, May 16.

Guided Pathways is an LCC program that helps students understand the courses they need to take to complete a specific degree or certificate.

“What we are trying to do (with Guided Pathways) is have all of our programs map the outcomes from courses,” Prystowsky said. “I think we’re about 75 to 80 percent there, which is pretty remarkable since we had many programs that had no idea we should be doing that.”

The board also addressed the resident tuition policy. Revisions had been suggested to the in-district tuition rate requirements.

The previous requirement of living in-district for six months before the semester start has been tentatively modified to a requirement of four months of in-district residency prior to the first day of class.

Trustee Robin Smith made a suggestion to re-word the policy to allow for exceptions based on the new resident’s intention to attend LCC. A large amount of discussion followed as the other board members weighed in.

The changes suggested for the policy were not approved in this session. More information on these suggested changes is planned to be presented at the June board meeting.

In other business, the board addressed the newly drafted LCC mission statement. Prystowsky made the presentation.

“A small group of us agreed to take a stab at reviewing (the mission statement), and revising an updated mission statement that would get at, more intentionally, what the college is about,” Prystowsky said.

The current LCC mission statement is as follows: “LCC exists so that the people it serves have learning and enrichment opportunities to improve their quality of life and standard of living.”

The suggested new mission statement presented by Prystowsky is as follows: “Lansing Community College provides innovative educational opportunities that empower students to become engaged and responsible global citizens and that strengthen the economic health and cultural vitality of our communities.”

Prystowsky opened the floor for comments from board members. Every board member weighed in on this issue.

Trustees Alex Azima and Smith said they thought the mission statement should be short, concise and able to be memorized.

Trustee Larry Meyer said he felt the mission statement would serve more as a reminder to staff and faculty, and did not need to be memorized or short.

The proposed mission statement will be reviewed by many other groups and a draft will be assembled for approval at the November meeting of the Board of Trustees.

Before adjourning, the board reflected on the recent graduation ceremony and the keynote address delivered by Dr. Philip Gannon, founder of LCC. Smith spoke about meeting Gannon.

“It was really a delight to talk with Dr. Gannon,” Smith said. “My dad was a student here, at LCC, when he was president. (Gannon wanted) to know what his journey was; what was my dad’s reason for coming here (and) how things had come full circle.”

For more information on LCC’s Board of Trustees visit or call the Office of the Board at (517) 483-5252.

For info on Operation 100% or Guided Pathways visit

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