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The Lookout | May 13, 2021

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New student bookstore sells materials online

New student bookstore sells materials online

Jeremy Kohn
Editor in Chief

LCC students now have an easier and more efficient way to purchase their textbooks with the MBS online bookstore. The new online bookstore store launched Oct. 5.

A link to the store can be found on LCC’s homepage at

LCC Controller Lisa Mazure spoke about where the idea for the online bookstore originated.

“President Knight has been concerned about the cost of the textbooks for students and keeping LCC affordable for students,” Mazure said. “Dr. Knight tasked the chief financial officer with finding viable options to help reduce the cost of texts.”

The online bookstore allows students to search for textbooks by either the course number applied to the book or by the first name of the course.

Both physical and digital textbooks are available through the store. Used texts, if available, will also be available for purchase.

If a student needs to return a book he or she must do either within two weeks after the class has started, or within 21 days of the date the book was shipped.

Receiving books typically takes two days following an order, according to the MBS site.

Mazure said there was no cost for the bookstore to the college. Money earned from the store is being used to help lower the cost of the textbooks for students, she said.

According to Mazure, students who receive financial aid qualify for a $600 book voucher toward textbooks. Any unused portion of the book voucher will be included in the student’s financial aid refund.

Returning textbooks for cash can be done in two ways. MBS will be holding an on-campus buy-back of books at the end of fall and spring semester. When students purchase books they receive a pre-paid shipping label that can be returned for a refund.

For more information on the MBS online bookstore, visit the LCC StarZone or call the financial aid office at 483-1200.