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The Lookout | October 19, 2021

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Gannon renovations going smoothly

Gannon renovations going smoothly

Chelsea Allen
News Editor

As the new fall semester begins, many students walk onto campus for the first time since spring and see all of the new renovations that have taken place over the summer.

Many wonder when it will be complete. Others wonder what else is there left to do.

Kristin Pfauth, administration coordinator of the Gannon renovations, is the person to talk to.

According to Pfauth, most of the renovations are complete except for the dining area located in the Gannon Building. Thus far, the renovations have been completed in a timely order, she said.

Pfauth explained the StarZone was finished in time for the beginning of the fall semester, which was the plan from the get-go.

“I personally think it looks great and it is exciting to see the design come to life and see the students use the space instead of visualizing it,” Pfauth said.

As for the dining renovations, Pfauth explained that one of the restaurants will open on Nov. 1.

“Einstein (Bros.) Bagels will be open on the upper level of the dining area in the Gannon Building for students to access,” she said. “However the other restaurants such as Pizza Hut and Subway have yet to be determined on when they will be completed,” Pfauth said.

Although not all of the restaurants will be completed and open to serve students and faculty, the seating in the lower and upper level of the dining hall will be available for whomever to use.

Many students said they appreciate the fact the renovations are getting done in a timely order.

LCC student Mark Wallace said he will be excited when everything is completed.

“I cannot wait until the food places get set up and we can actually get something that’s fast and affordable on campus,” said Wallace.

“Even though Gibson’s Café and Gibby’s is right across the street, it would be nice to have some more options.”

LCC student Hannah Jones agreed in saying that she likes how far the renovations have gone and how quickly things are going.

“I really like what LCC has done so far,” Jones said. “It all looks really great and I will most definitely use the dining in the Gannon

Building once it’s complete. I’ve missed the one that was in the A & S Building, so having one back will be great.”

For more info on the renovations, contact the Student Affairs Division on the second floor of the Gannon Building in the StarZone or by phone at (517) 483-1162.