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The Lookout | November 25, 2020

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AMA earns prestigious award

AMA earns prestigious award
The Lookout

Jaimie Bozack
Co-Editor in Chief

LCC’s American Marketing Association has had a lot of success through the years, and this year is no exception.

On April 10 in an annual competition at the AMA Collegiate Conference in New Orleans, the LCC AMA earned third place out of 30 organizations nationwide.

According to Vice President of Professional Development Zach Basler, the AMA took part in a business/marketing simulation called SABRE, which stands for Strategic Allocation of Business Resources.

“In the computer simulation we were in charge of a tech company that manufactured electronic devices,” Basler said. “It is as close as you can get to being a CEO of a real company. SABRE is used in corporate training by corporations to train their management.”

According to AMA Executive Vice President Brenton Bos, the computer simulation was a learning experience that few can experience.

“It put us in a real business situation and allowed us to take the role as a real business leader,” Bos said. “It was an extremely difficult program and required a lot of outside knowledge.”

At the end of the simulation project the LCC AMA had a new cumulative profit of $281 million; the third highest amount out of the 30 teams that participated.

The LCC AMA earned a plaque and $200 that will be put into a fund for next year’s group of AMA’ers.

“Last year we came in fourth, so it was very exciting to crack into the top three this year,” Basler said. “Coming in third nationally means a lot to me. We spent many hours preparing for this competition.”

According to Basler the LCC AMA beat out four-year schools including Penn State, Florida International and Johns Hopkins University.

“I think beating out schools like that shows that LCC students have all the tools they need to go out in the world and succeed,” Basler said.

Bos will not be a part of the AMA next year but said he hopes the group will win it all in 2015.

“Being a part of the AMA provides such an experience,” Bos said. “I think being a part of a program like this is prestigious for the college. We’re the only two-year college to receive an award like this and it’s a big statement.”


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