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The Lookout | August 5, 2021

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Teacher rating site invaluable

The Lookout

The Lookout Staff

While The Lookout has some “newbies” on staff, most of us have been here for … let’s just say “too long.”

With that time, however, we have learned little tips along the way. We now bring our years of wisdom to our fellow Stars.

Students can complain all they want about LCC; some even calling it Last Chance College. Just like most things, however, it truly is what you make it. For most students, class is the first priority.

Teachers are without a doubt one of the most important aspects to consider when selecting classes. Choosing teachers can be difficult. With spring semester midway through, summer registration is already approaching.

Summer registration starts April 1. No April Fool’s about it. And anyone that has been here longer than a semester knows how quickly classes can fill up.

Doing your research before signing up for classes is vital. Many of us here at The Lookout turn to Doing your homework before class can help you avoid a potentially G.P.A devastating bomb of a class.

Many of us swear by the site, and would not dare sign up for a class without first using our investigative journalistic approach of researching our professor’s names. provides millions of first-hand accounts of teachers from universities all across the nation. The website allows current and former students to submit reviews for their teachers.

Ratings include easiness, helpfulness, clarity, rater interest and grade received. They also leave space for comments, perhaps the most helpful tool of all.

Turning to helpful websites, former teachers and advisers, can prove very beneficial in making the right step to your college career.

Students: don’t just jump in head first when it comes to signing up for classes. Do your background homework.