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The Lookout | September 28, 2021

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LCC sociology program a shining success story

LCC sociology program a shining success story
The Lookout

Jeremy Kohn
Co-Editor in Chief

 Lansing Community College’s famous school motto is “Where Success Begins.” Another prime example of the college’s shining success was recently announced.

According to, LCC’s online sociology program was named as one of the top 50 online programs in the nation.

Deb Bishop, a professor of sociology at LCC for 23 years, was instrumental in starting the highly regarded online program.

“We have top notch instructors,” Bishop said. “That was one criteria that was examined. We have instructors that are very well-versed in the discipline and have a great deal of teaching experience.”

“There is a great deal of pride we all feel. I think sometimes students feel that because they are at a community college that they don’t get quality of education you might get at a university,” Bishop said. “But I think that’s the furthest thing from reality … especially on our on-line classes.” looked at many factors in their research: surveys, cost of education, quality of career services and availability of classes. Based on these results, community colleges and universities were selected.

LCC was named along with Arizona State University, University of Colorado, Columbia University and California State University, proving  the program is just as elite as a four-year schools.

Jean Ramirez, a colleague of Bishop, spoke on the pride of being an instructor and the highly praised honor of the college’s award.

“The faculty work very hard to ensure that high-quality classes are offered and the needs of our students are met to the best of our ability,” Ramirez said.  “Such recognition helps to validate the hard work, long hours and dedication that faculty give to their students.”