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The Lookout | December 2, 2020

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Athlete Spotlight: Nate Lafayette

Athlete Spotlight: Nate Lafayette
The Lookout

The Lookout Co-Editor in Chief Jaimie Bozack recently spoke to 6-foot-5 men’s basketball freshman and Okemos graduate Nate Lafayette.

 Q. What inspires you to play basketball?

A. “My day played for Michigan State so I just like following in his footsteps. Basketball is also a big passion for me. I just love doing it.”

Q. What has helped you transform as a player through-out the season?

A. “My coaches encouraging me throughout the season and also my teammates keep me going.”

Q. What were athletic accomplishments before LCC?

A. “Before coming to LCC I made all-state my senior year. On top of that I just kept playing and we had a successful basketball team.”

Q. What’s your favorite thing about what you do?

A. “I like having good team chemistry and being able to play with all my teammates. I also really like to go out there and win.”

Q. What’s the most challenging thing about what you do?

A. The hardest thing is being able to come every day and play your best no matter what else is going on around you. There’s a lot of pressure being able to score and be the all-around player.

Q. What are you studying? And what are your plans after leaving LCC?

A. I would like to be a paramedic. I plan on moving on – hopefully somewhere with basketball – maybe applying to MSU.


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