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Jeremy Kohn

Staff Writer

Has anyone ever told you playing video games is a waste of time and will amount to nothing when it comes to life in the real world? Don’t let the members of LCC’s DICAST hear you say that.

DICAST, which is located on LCC’s West Campus, stands for Digital Innovation Center for Arts Science and Technology. DICAST is a digital think tank, and its members use their computer programming knowledge to create video game simulations as learning tools.

DICAST is funded through various grants and state funding.

The center is fairly new, having only been around for two years, but in those two years, DICAST has made quite an impact using its digital simulations for various educational purposes.

“We have made learning programs for the Automotive Programs and Alternative Energy Programs,” said Sean Huberty, lead faculty for LCC’s Alternative Energy Engineering Technologies.

These games include the Auto Earmark Project, which is a simulation program created for students who take the Automotive 267 course. The game demonstrates the inner workings of a hybrid Toyota  and what tools are needed to run  a proper maintenance on the vehicle.

Building Energy Audit  Simulation Training, or B.E.A.S.T, is a program designed to teach students how to measure levels of energy through a digital house using a specialty meter.

DICAST Programmer Aaron Mundale talked about a current project he has been working on to help with the LCC Police Academy.

“They used to carry around tons of paperwork with comments for the troops, so I’m working on digitizing them so they can be  organized and placed on tablets,” Mundale said.

DICAST is open to all LCC students who wish to sign up for an internship.

For students who want to take their love for video games and start on the path to a career in game design, DICAST may be the perfect opportunity.

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