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The Lookout | September 28, 2021

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Phi Theta Kappa officers are highlighted

Phi Theta Kappa officers are highlighted

By Chloe Gregg
Staff Writer

Lansing Community College’s Mu Tau chapter of the Phi Theta Kappa honors society is run by six accomplished female officers. These officers have many responsibilities and work together to run meetings, organize activities, and research projects.

The Lookout previously introduced three of the six officers: Chapter President Dakeyia Scott, Vice President Nova Wyrobek and Secretary Erin Searles.

This week, The Lookout highlights the other three officers who are part of the Mu Tau chapter officer team.

Maddison Buckholz, 19, is the chapter scholarship and recruitment coordinator. Buckholz is a transfer studies major and plans on attending MSU next semester.

Her responsibilities are to put together meet and greets, induction ceremonies, and to help PTK members find and apply to the most scholarships possible.

“I have only been in PTK for about a year, (but) Phi Theta Kappa has changed my life in self-discovery and reflection as we worked through our meetings and projects as a team,” Buckholz said.

“From PTK, I discovered what I stand for and how I need to improve my teamwork, communication and people skills. Overall, I’ve had a blast working with my fellow members and it’s truly been an honor to be an officer.”

Cassie Soblesky, 29, is the public relations historian for the Mu Tau chapter, as well as a nursing major at LCC. She is in charge of archiving the chapter’s activities and staying in touch with members via social media.

“I have been a member of PTK since 2019 and it has given me many opportunities for professional and leadership growth,” Soblesky said.

“Being a part of PTK as an officer has been very challenging since transitioning to virtual learning, but I feel it has helped me network, meet new people, and overall boosted my confidence in my own abilities as a student and a leader. It has also given me eligibility for an abundance of scholarships, which are only available to PTK members.”

Jayla Knox, 19, is the Mu Tau chapter treasurer. She plans on transferring to either CMU or MSU to study kinesiology. She posts on social media to let people know about events and activities going on, and works with the other officers on projects and events.

“I’ve been in PTK since the spring of 2020,” Knox said, “and love my fellow officers and advisers. PTK has changed my life because I have never been in an honor society until my college experience.

“Just knowing that I’m a part of something that is supporting others while exceling academically has changed my life in itself. LCC is such a good school and I love how our projects really highlighted all of the things community college helps with.”

The advisers for the Mu Tau chapter, Alejandro Gradillo and Margo Whalen, help to advise and lead the officers.

“The Mu Tau chapter officer team for this academic year has proven leadership through their cohesiveness among themselves and the group in general,” Whalen said. “The officer team and chapter were determined to be truly competitive with the HIA and College projects.