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The Lookout | April 12, 2021

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LCC automotive program rolls forward

LCC automotive program rolls forward
  • On February 19, 2021

By Julie Newell
Associate Editor

LCC’s west campus hosts many classes related to trade and technical degrees, including the Automotive Technologies Program.

Marvin Argersinger and James Ripley are two of LCC’s full-time faculty who teach at west campus in the program.

“The Automotive Technologies Program is an ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) Education Foundation Accredited training facility, which trains future automotive technicians to diagnose, repair and maintain the complex systems and mechanics featured in vehicles today,” Argersinger said. “This will prepare them for careers as highly skilled automotive technicians.”

The classes cover every aspect of automobiles, Ripley said.

“This would include everything from an oil change and basic maintenance, brakes, to more complex topics like electrical diagnosis, engine drivability diagnosis, or hybrid vehicle servicing,” Ripley said.

Argersinger said the classes go beyond the basic technical work.

“Students will explore various aspects of modern automobile theory and operation, diagnosis, repair and maintenance, with the newest and latest tools and equipment in a realistic hands-on laboratory environment,” Argersinger said.

Argersinger and Ripley both said they enjoy teaching students in this program.

 “Our favorite part of the program would be our students,” Argersinger said. “Being able to give someone the skills they need to be successful and provide for their family gives you a good feeling inside.

“Our automotive facility isn’t bad either. Our lab is one of the nicest and best equipped automotive training facilities in the state. This gives students a better experience, while they are here, of what it is like to work in the field.”

Second-year student Jordon Fleischer commented on his experience in the program.

“I have always had a passion for working on vehicles and engines,” Fleischer said. “I am currently in my last semester of automotive classes. I am currently taking Hybrids, Light Diesel, and Ignition and Emission systems. My favorite out of these three is probably Hybrids.”

Fleischer said he plans to use this degree to further his career.

“I am currently working at an auto-body shop as an auto technician part-time,” Fleischer said. “After I graduate I plan to move to either an independent shop or a dealership as a full-time ASE certified automotive technician.”

First-year student Erin Joseph talked about her goals for the program.

“After I complete my degree I hope to continue working, learning and improving my skills as a technician,” Joseph said. “I am looking forward to using the knowledge gained from the program to excel in my career. I have also considered pursuing an engineering degree to open up other career opportunities in the automotive industry.”

For more information on the Automotive Technologies Program click here.