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The Lookout | October 19, 2021

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Students discuss Thanksgiving plans

Students discuss Thanksgiving plans
  • On November 11, 2020

By Chloe Gregg
Staff Writer

Next in line for the holidays is Thanksgiving, a day to celebrate and be grateful for the amazing friends, family and others in your life.

After a year of being holed up in everyone’s respective houses, Thanksgiving will, for some, be a breath of fresh air to spend quality time with loved ones.

LCC student Elena Kozachik, an agricultural education major, is particularly excited for the upcoming holiday.

“Thanksgiving is personally my favorite holiday,” said Kozachik. “I love seeing my family and eating really good food my aunt makes. We also play euchre every time we get together and it is just a fun time to see everyone.”

Digital media arts major Morgan Velderman plans to keep her Thanksgiving low-key this year with just immediate family, but is very grateful for the things in her life.

“I’m grateful that my friends and family have been able to stay safe during this crazy time,” said Velderman. “I’m also grateful that we have a new president who actually knows what he’s doing, and is going to help the country when he is inaugurated.”

The day after Thanksgiving is just as exciting, some may argue. Black Friday is often the day when the true Christmas spirit reigns its first head, as people go out and buy Christmas gifts for their loved ones.

Nolan Hook, a nursing major from LCC, said Black Friday is a great way to kick off the Christmas season right after a day of quality family time.

“I plan to just visit a couple of stores on Black Friday afternoon with my girlfriend and try to shop where it’s not busy,” Hook said. “I personally associate (Black Friday) with buying nice things for the family for Christmas, which also makes them happy.”

Other students plan on taking their shopping online with Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, including Lauren Harvey, an elementary education major at LCC.

“My plans for Black Friday and Cyber Monday (are) to just browse some websites at home,” Harvey said. “I would usually go out to stores, but because of COVID I’m going to skip that this year.”

However Thanksgiving and Black Friday are spent, try to do it with the loved ones you’re grateful to still be with after this crazy year.