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The Lookout | October 19, 2021

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Professor enjoys teaching history

Professor enjoys teaching history
  • On October 2, 2020

By Julie Newell
Associate Editor

Orestes Mavromatis, born in Lansing and raised in Okemos, has been a teacher at LCC since the fall of 2002. Mavromatis currently teaches U.S. History and World Civilizations.

“One of the reasons that I wanted to be a teacher is because I always had an appreciation for history,” Mavromatis said. “I wanted to share my knowledge and appreciation for it with others.”

Mavromatis’ love of history and desire to become a teacher started in high school.

“I guess you could say that the desire to teach started in the 10th grade,” Mavromatis said. “Though interest in teaching on the college level did not come about until I was an undergraduate at Michigan State University. I had a 10th grade history teacher who showed a love for the teaching of the subject, and since I always enjoyed history, things sort of clicked.”

Before coming to LCC, Mavromatis spent several years out of state.

“I moved back to the Lansing area after spending about five years out of state,” he said. “I was looking across the state for a teaching job at a community college and the opportunity arose at LCC. Since, I was from the area, it was an ideal fit.”

Mavromatis said LCC was an ideal fit for him.

“Two things make teaching enjoyable at LCC,” he said. “One is to be able to interact and help students; the other is that I have the ability to interact and share ideas with my fellow colleagues.

History is not the only thing Mavromatis enjoys.

“I love to watch soccer; though I am way to slow to play it anymore,” he said. “I also enjoy traveling and reading.”