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The Lookout | November 1, 2020

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Dental hygiene student happy with LCC

Dental hygiene student happy with LCC
  • On September 11, 2020

By Chloe Gregg
Staff Writer

As someone already with a degree and transferring into a new school, 28-year-old Anne Marie Plautz didn’t know what to expect.

The dental hygiene student said she was happy to find a place that accepts all types of students and actually wants students to succeed. She found that LCC goes above and beyond to help students, and provide them with everything they need.

“I am excited to take my previous passion for health and fitness, and continue to educate people in their health through dental hygiene,” Plautz said. “Dental hygiene has more opportunities and is a much bigger role than just working in a clinic.

“Our interactions with patients each day can have an impact on how they take care of themselves, and if they want to continue getting routine cleanings and treatment done.”

Plautz said when looking for schools, she wanted a program that had a high success rate for dental hygienists. LCC boasts a high pass rate for the board exams, which Plautz said shows that LCC teaches dental hygiene students to be ideal job candidates once they graduate.

“The dental hygiene field is much broader than I ever knew,” Plautz said. “My teachers have been awesome at showing us what a dental hygiene career can look like.

“You can work in private practices, teach, work in research, sales, or even work at the state or national level through the American Dental Hygienist Association. I’m excited to get my foot in the door of this career, and even more excited to see where it can take me.”

Plautz said she has an incredible husband to support her along her journey. Karl Plautz is not shy to boast about his wife, either.

“There was a lot to weigh in Anne Marie’s decision to change careers, and it didn’t happen overnight,” Karl Plautz said. “But once she set her goal of becoming a dental hygienist, it was so cool to see her excitement grow.

“She has shown remarkable work ethic through her pre-reqs, and (it) continues to show now that she has been accepted into the Dental Hygiene Program. I am especially impressed with her determination in the long hours of studying and her adaptability to online learning. She really does put in the work when nobody is watching.”

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