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The Lookout | August 4, 2020

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LCC receives top 10 recognition

LCC receives top 10 recognition

By Maddy Warren
Editor in Chief

Guide to Online Schools recently released its list of “Best Online Community Colleges in Michigan.” LCC was ranked ninth in the state.

According to, there are 33 community colleges in Michigan.

“LCC was ranked in the top 10 of our Best Online Community Colleges in Michigan ranking thanks to the school’s high retention rate and high percentage of students who are enrolled in online programs,” said Adria Vaughan, a representative for Guide to Online Schools.

“We believe these are important factors in what we would consider a valuable college experience, especially for online students”

LCC Executive Vice President Dr. Lisa Webb Sharpe commented on what this acknowledgement means to the college.

“LCC’s ranking in the top 10 Best Community Colleges offering online instruction in Michigan is a great honor,” Webb Sharpe said. “LCC has highly qualified and dedicated faculty and staff.”

A summary of the guide’s goals are listed on its website:

“Guide to Online Schools is a free and comprehensive guide that enables students to compare all online colleges in the U.S.,” the website states. “We seek to help driven people accomplish their education goals in a financially responsible manner.

“By providing resources that are easy to use but hard to find elsewhere, (we hope) to empower more Americans to go to college while lowering the overall cost of earning a degree.”

The site considered all community colleges that offer at least one online associate degree for rankings. States with three or more eligible schools received rankings.

“Eligible schools were ranked according to their scores,” Vaughan said. “Scores were calculated according to an internal formula that incorporates retention rate, online enrollment percentage, and the number of online associate degrees offered.

“Some schools do not report retention rate, so for those schools, graduation rate was used instead. Graduation rate or retention rate was weighted most highly in order to ensure that the rankings highlight the schools whose students are most likely to earn a degree.”

Vaughan explained the qualifications needed to earn a number one ranking on the site.

“Schools that reach the number one spot on our Best Online Community Colleges ranking have achieved the highest score according to our internal formula that incorporates retention rate, online enrollment percentage, and the number of online associate degrees offered,” she said. “Though we also show a school’s tuition costs, this is just supplemental information.”

Webb Sharpe said when the necessity for virtual learning was presented in March, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the switch needed to occur in a matter of days.

“The college was able to continue providing the best learning options remotely, to ensure the success of our students,” Webb Sharpe said. “This validation is a reminder of the outstanding work that our faculty deliver on a consistent basis.”

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