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The Lookout | November 28, 2021

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Review: ‘Solar Opposites’ now on Hulu

Review: ‘Solar Opposites’ now on Hulu Solar Opposites

Three out of Five Stars

By Shauna Stocken

Editor in Chief

As I wait six months to a year between seasons of my favorite animated adult cartoon, “Rick and Morty,” the creators released a new series on Hulu titled “Solar Opposites,” May 8.

The shows are both sci-fi comedies that share character voices and similar animation, but the two shows are quite different.

In “Solar Opposites” the issues involve a team of four aliens and their pet “Pupa,” a yellow blob. They escape an asteroid headed for their home planet, accidentally crashing their spaceship in suburban American.

The four aliens include two devious alien children, an older brother and little sister, who share a bedroom and a familial bond. The two adult male aliens share a bed and a strong asexual vibe throughout the eight-episode season.

In the series, the two adults join community college to learn about VCR repair. They throw a party that ends in ice lava. And they run together for town mayor after using a machine that extracts information from their neighbors’ brains.  

While the adults are off trying to figure out how to fit into society, the kids attend summer school by accident and put people in “the wall.”

The eldest brother, Yumyulack, likes to play bounty hunter with humans, shrinking them down to study, or so he claims, before placing them inside the wall.

The wall community covers one side of the children’s room and looks similar to a hamster cage with a developed civilization inside. The wall people establish a church that worships Jessy, the alien sister who feeds the tiny humans candy and cleans out their environment. 

I watched each 21- to 24-minute episode back to back. Although only slightly entertaining, the moments featuring the people in the wall are by far the most engaging.

Episode seven is a full episode of the “wall people,” the best episode in the season.

Despite being a cartoon, “Solar Opposites” is adult animation due to drug references, adult language, gory murders and sexual interaction. Viewers can stream the complete first season now on Hulu.