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The Lookout | October 19, 2021

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Professor encouraged by his students

Professor encouraged by his students
  • On April 17, 2020

By Robin Morales
Associate Editor

David Guard has been a history professor at LCC since 1997, years before online classes were first offered to students, and many decades after the world’s last great pandemic.

Changes in technology since 1997 have greatly influenced the narrative of the current pandemic in terms of health and education. Guard said he considers these recent innovations in technology as positive human accomplishments.

“When I first got there (to LCC), there was no online stuff going on,” Guard said. “One of the biggest changes is technology. We’ve been able to help more students, we’ve been able to do more things for students because of that.”

A veteran in teaching online, Guard said his transition to online-only instruction was not challenging for him or his students. He said he is “very optimistic” with the work that his students are submitting online.

“The online format is working very well,” Guard said. “I’ve taught online before and so it’s been an easy transition.

“My goal is to keep them (my students) engaged … If you have a student who’s engaged, even if there are some issues that need to be solved, if they’re engaged, then we can solve those problems.”

Known among students for his personal in-class lectures and his abstention from PowerPoint, Guard said he misses connecting with students on campus.

“I miss being in the classroom,” Guard said. “I really enjoy working with students face to face and I really miss that. I wish I could go to my classes today and I just can’t.”

Cynthia Wrzesinski, a sophomore currently enrolled in Guard’s HIST 211 class (U.S. history to 1877), said Guard has continued to provide all of the course material in an online format.

“He gets everything out that he wants online,” Wrzesinski said. “He posts YouTube videos now of lectures.

“And then, God bless his soul, he cancelled the final exam.”