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The Lookout | December 2, 2020

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Track coach reflects on a lost season

Track coach reflects on a lost season

 By Julie Newell
Sports/Photo Editor

As the weeks go by and COVID-19 continues to spread, people are responding to the stay-at-home order in different ways.

“In my lifetime we have never faced anything like this current pandemic with the sickness and death it is inflicting on millions worldwide,” LCC Track and Cross Country Head Coach Jim Robinson said.

Along with baseball and softball being cancelled for the spring season due to the virus, the track season at LCC has also been cancelled.

“Obviously it is a major disappointment to have our season cancelled, especially for our sophomores,” Robinson said. “We were going to have one of our best teams. I think we would have had a large number qualify for nationals and be in a place to score a substantial number of points.

“There were a few athletes who had a chance of breaking school records. That is all lost.”

Robinson shared how the Stars can persevere through these hard times.

“Here are two ideas to help us get through this challenging time,” he said. “The first is to create and keep a new routine. This idea comes from the sports scientists who work with the Penn State football team.

“Have a set time each day when you go for your run or get in your workout. Have a time each day when you do your supplemental training, core and strengthening work, and have a set time each day when you do your school work.”

Robinson added: “Establishing and keeping a routine is very important and will be good for your mental and physical health.”

Robinson then shared some more advice.

“The second (idea) is an insight I gained from my pastor,” he said. “She likened our situation of being forced to social distance and stay in our homes as being similar to the chrysalis stage of caterpillars.

“Caterpillars emerge different than they were before they spent the time alone, isolated in their cocoons. The experience of going through this pandemic is going to change us — the question is, ‘What will that change be?’”

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