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The Lookout | July 13, 2020

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LCC Club Feature: Lucha Latina Club

LCC Club Feature: Lucha Latina Club Lucha Latina Lucha Latina

By Maddy Warren
Staff Writer

LCC’s Lucha Latina is an all-inclusive club that aids in student success.

“The mission of Lucha Latina, Inc., is to empower young Latinas across the United States from all walks of life,” said Club President Yolanda Crim, “regardless of income levels and socio-economic backgrounds, in order to help them achieve their academic, professional and personal goals.”

Crim co-founded the club and has been involved with it for the last three years. She was vice president for her first two years and is president this year.

“Our goal is to … make sure everyone has the resources to get where they need to be,” said club Secretary Tylah Eiseler. “We want to make sure everyone feels welcome and has a place at LCC.”

Katlyn Tews is currently the vice president of Lucha Latina.

“I have been involved in Lucha Latina since it was founded,” Tews said. 

The club participated in many events this school year, including Welcome Week during the fall semester.

“Our club participated in Welcome Week, making sure every student here at LCC has the resources they need to finish school,” Eiseler said.

Lucha Latina also participated in a Women’s Poster Parade.

“We passed out brownies and had a collage of different women posters describing their accomplishments,” Crim said. “Another event was traditional paper-flower making and Lotteria (Mexican bingo) with prizes, during Hispanic Heritage Month.”

The club was also a part of the showing and discussion of the film “Harriet,” about Harriet Tubman, during Black History Month. That event was hosted by Black Student Union President Jaharie Green.

“We … had a mini potluck with everyone welcome and had an amazing turnout,” Eiseler said.

“Added Tews: We have done movies discussions like ‘Coco’ for Day of the Dead.”

Since the switch to online learning, the club has held virtual meetings.

“We want to order our graduation cords and send them out,” Crim said. “We also are discussing virtual cap decorating for those who are graduating,”

The club also plans to hold an online video streaming and discussion, at some point, of either “Mulan” (2020 version) or a movie about singer Selena Quintanilla.

For more information, contact Club Adviser Alex Gradilla at

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