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The Lookout | January 24, 2021

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Time to make a fool out of someone

Time to make a fool out of someone
  • On March 30, 2020

By Ali Williams
A&E Editor

Google the best pranks and find the perfect target, as April Fools’ Day is Wednesday, April 1.

The holiday has an unknown history, as its origin remains a mystery.

According to the History Network, historians speculate that the holiday, also known as All Fool’s Day, began in 1582.

Today, April Fools’ Day is when it is socially acceptable to prank classmates, siblings and friends. Newspapers, radio stations and TV stations create elaborate pranks on their audiences. Restaurants also do the same.

Pranks may be an excellent way to get rid of boredom. Almost everyone in the state of Michigan is currently in quarantine in their homes due to COVID-19. Now might be the best time to plan the perfect prank.

Jay’lahn Johnson, 19, a sophomore at LCC, recalled a prank he and a teacher performed on their class in middle school

“In eighth grade, I broke my phone and shattered it,” Johnson said. “So me and my choir teacher did a prank where, on April Fools’, I sat in class in the corner ‘on my phone’ the entire day.

“Toward the end of class, he called me out for (it), and I gave him attitude, and he walked up to me and took my phone and threw it and ‘broke’ it.”

Dina Hafez, 18, another LCC sophomore, talked about a prank she pulled on her brother when she was 7 and he was 5. Despite it being years ago, she said it is still funny and memorable.

“So basically, I pranked my brother into thinking there was a monster under his bed,” Hafez said. “I was hiding under his bed and moving around. Then my brother got up and ran down to my mom because he was scared. I heard them coming back upstairs; my mom was saying, ‘Don’t worry, baby, there’s no monster under the bed’ (and) she tucks him in bed and kisses him.

“Then I grab (mom’s) ankles, and she starts screaming. My brother said, ‘See, I told you there’s a monster under my bed,’ and then my dad runs upstairs asking what’s going on.”

Hafez said she eventually crawled out from under her brother’s bed, and her mom said she was the monster.

Good indoor pranks include hiding and scaring someone, like Hafez’s story, or even working with someone else to prank another, like Johnson’s story.

Now, find the best prank, plan it right, and have the best April Fools’ Day prank to talk about years later with family and friends.

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