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The Lookout | March 9, 2021

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College adapting to online learning

College adapting to online learning
  • On March 26, 2020

By Shauna Stocken
Editor in Chief

On March 26, LCC president Dr. Brent Knight shared his second public video message addressing the coronavirus situation on the college website homepage. 

Knight’s newest message covers the importance of LCC students and employees staying connected amidst the outbreak. 

“We continue to reach out to students who have not logged in,” Knight said. “Please telephone students you know and encourage them to continue their studies.

“Also, if you know an employee who may benefit from a personal contact, don’t hesitate to call or write.” 

According to Knight, despite initial obstacles, the transition to fully online learning has been successful. He stated how proud he is of the creativity LCC employees have adapted to their online lesson plans.

With the transition to online learning, LCC facilities are closed to nonessential personnel, leaving classrooms vacant and stocked with materials.

“Employees in our Health and Human Services division learned about the shortage of medical supplies at Sparrow Hospital, McLaren (hospital) and the Lansing Fire Department,” Knight said. “They immediately gathered college supplies that won’t be used this semester and took them to area healthcare workers and first responders.

“The division donated more than 60,000 gloves, nearly 8,000 face masks and hundreds of bottles of hand sanitizer and other essential supplies. We are saving lives.”

For some LCC students and employees, the online transition has been seamless. For others, the lack of resources and increased use of technology have posed challenges.

“I’m struggling to follow this class online now that everything is by computer,” said Sarah Lewis, 50, a first-semester LCC student currently enrolled in Introduction to Fitness.  

“I don’t have the same motivation to use technology as I had going into the weight room.”

According to Lewis, a full-time hairdresser, enrolling for spring semester was only the start to her LCC journey, one she plans on continuing after the college reopens.

“I wanted to take further education courses,” Lewis said. “I was starting with physical fitness. I hope to work out more at LCC in the future and hopefully take some art classes.

“The instructors and staff were all very helpful to me. That face-to-face interaction will be missed.”

Lewis said she worked out between LCC’s main and west campus fitness centers approximately four times a week. She is now exercising in her basement and taking daily walks.

LCC will remain closed to limit community exposure to COVID-19 until further instructions from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) are given.

“We’re cleaning, we still have our cleaning staff working and doing extraordinary wipe downs of all things,” said LCC Director of Emergency Management Carol Wolfinger.

‘“We’re closing rooms that we’re not using and we’re closing bathrooms that we’re not using because of our few essential personnel. There’s a really skeletal staff of facilities personnel. We are continuing to clean and we follow all CDC procedures.”

In closing, Knight’s message reminds the LCC community to check their email and the college’s virus website for new updates at

LCC employees and students can also email one of the following: or with additional questions.

“I’m proud to be a part of this college and this community and I ask you to continue to work together to bring us through this crisis,” Knight said. “Stay home, stay healthy and stay safe.”