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The Lookout | October 31, 2020

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Student juggles her job, studies, family

Student juggles her job, studies, family
  • On December 10, 2019

By Chloe Gregg
Staff Writer

Ella Fisher of Perry is busier than the average freshman college student. She has a full week of classes at LCC, a part-time job, and helps her parents take care of all four of her younger siblings.

“When I was younger, I had the perfect family,” Fisher said. “My parents were together and we never had to worry about money. We were all super close to each other and we even took a trip to Disney World every single year. But that all changed when my parents got divorced when I was 11.

“It took a lot of adjusting and I had to learn to be grateful because money had become an issue. My mom became the person I looked up to the most because she showed me that no matter what hand she was dealt, she always pushed through for her kids.”

After her parents’ divorce, Fisher was often made “head of the household” while her parents were working or busy. She said she took care of her younger siblings in whatever way they needed, whether that be making dinner, taking them to a doctor’s appointment, or just being there for them.

These chores were manageable while she was in high school, but in college, things have become a little more difficult.

“Balancing school, work and helping my mom with my siblings has been very hard, but it has taught me valuable management skills and how to focus on my priorities,” Fisher said.

Having already earned many credits from dual enrolling at LCC while in high school, Fisher has a bright future in mind.

“Right now I’m majoring in transfer studies, but I hope to go to MSU next year to study something in social work and child development,” she said. “Growing up with a lot of siblings, especially younger ones, I really grew to love helping them and watching them grow up into what they are today. I want to continue to help children in the future.”

Fisher’s close friend, LCC freshman Maggie Lewis, said she has noticed Fisher’s hard work.

“I’m amazed every day by her ambition and passion, not only for her schoolwork and her family, but for everything in her life,” Lewis said. “Ella never backs down from anything that she sets her mind to, and it’s really special.”

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