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The Lookout | February 28, 2021

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Editorial: Just agree to disagree

Editorial: Just agree to disagree
  • On October 21, 2019

Activist and political movements over the past few years have transformed the way society collectively speaks and acts toward one another.

This newfound awareness and compassion toward different cultures, races, disabilities, genders, politic affiliations and more have both enhanced and hindered communication.

The staff members at The Lookout are vastly different in political, religious and personal beliefs.

However, when we communicate with one another, we share a safe space for discussion. We do not restrict our words and imprison our beliefs when speaking as individuals.

Outside of our office, this sense of verbal freedom feels restricted as we mask our beliefs.

Communication suffers when we worry our opinions and beliefs will come off as racist, bigoted, sexist or insensitive to others.

A supporter of President Trump should be able to express their support without fear of someone calling them a racist.

Likewise, someone with a difference of opinion on the President deserves the same right to express his or her opinion without hatred.

Assuming the worst about one another limits what we can learn from each other and creates a divide.

Let’s all practice patience and take the time to appreciate a point of view different from our own.

When all else fails, remember you can always agree to disagree: no argument necessary.