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The Lookout | April 18, 2021

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Give your brain a break from studies

Give your brain a break from studies

By Shauna Stocken
Editor in Chief

Take a break from studying and finals madness with revitalizing activities for your brain.

LCC’s “Brain Break,” is a program designed to generate student success by stimulating one’s brain with exercises. 

“We’ve been doing Brain Breaks and trying to spread the word about this for at least 10 years now,” said Mari Croze, Fitness and Wellness and HHS program director of operations at LCC for almost 17 years. “We are asking the facility to incorporate those (exercises) into their classes as they’re lecturing just to break it up.”

Croze said along with proper sleep, eating and studying habits, the program will be beneficial for students academically.

“The four exercises, all one to two minutes, each help with the ability to focus, test anxiety and attention span,” Croze said. 

“We actually have been collecting data on it … We are seeing results where students are improving their GPA anywhere from one grade band up to three grade bands.”

All of the tested Brain Break exercises are available along with video guides online at LCC’s website,

“LCC has lots of resources out there, but I’ve never heard of Brain Breaks before,” said first semester LCC student Kayla Ovenhouse. “If you ask for help you’re going to get it, or get sent in the right direction.”

Ovenhouse is an English major who said she would utilize the exercises in the future to help manage her academic stress and test anxiety.

“I believe a better routine would help a lot,” Ovenhouse said. “I eat like crap, and I’m always tired. I can’t go to class without caffeine or food. If I ate better and exercised my body and brain more, I would be healthier and then I could function better.”

Currently, the majority of students enrolled in a Human Health and Services course are required to complete cardio exercise before a difficult project or test, and then complete a survey about their experience.

The survey gives data about the Brain Break program and its success for students.

“People are seeing results as long as they are not letting no more than 90 lapses between a bout of exercise and the test,” Croze said.

“The ability to focus attention helps with testing anxiety and … stress, because you are increasing the endorphins which brings the stress levels down.”

While the survey is only available to fitness and wellness courses, Croze encourages all LCC students and facility members to use the free gyms at LCC’s main and west campuses.

“We wanted everybody to have that access, and we didn’t want a fee to be a barrier for people to come in and use it,” Croze said. “We wanted to see healthy employees because we know that healthy employees means productivity at work as well.”

For more information, visit the LCC website or stop into an LCC gym to talk with a nationally certified trainer.