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The Lookout | November 1, 2020

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Concert celebrates dance through ages

Concert celebrates dance through ages
  • On April 19, 2019

By Shauna Stocken
A&E Editor

Since, January, LCC dancers, facility members and student choreographers have been actively working on the annual spring dance concert, “Back to Our Roots.”

According to LCC dance faculty choreographer Elzbieta Alabuszew-Kutek, the traditional spring performance has a long history at LCC.

“Once I moved to America, I participated in every dance concert since beginning at LCC 22 years ago,” Alabuszew-Kutek said.

Alabuszew-Kutek said she believes the concert has been a tradition at LCC for at least 50 years.

Opening night was April 12, followed by two additional performances April 13-14.

Unlike years past, this year guests were shown recordings of the dancers in rehearsal, commentary from dancers and choreographers, as well as a brief description of the history and artist behind each of the 12 dances.

“I think it’s important to showcase the history of dance,” said Samantha Tort, a first-year LCC dance student who performed in four pieces during the production and co-choreographed one dance.

It gives a little bit more insight as to why we’re here and what we’re doing,” Tort said. “Background into the movements we have and how we are expressing our bodies the way we are.”

Among the spectators in the audience was LCC dance student Almerisa Dzananovic, whose demanding academic schedule kept her from participating in this year’s dance concert.

“I actually use to perform in the production,” Dzananovic said. “I’m a dancer, so I did it last year and this year I came out to support my friends that are in it.”

While many dancers were new to the spring dance concert, LCC student Taylor Harris wasn’t shy to share her love for dance and performing once again at Dart Auditorium for the spring performance.

“For me, dance it is a way of expressing ourselves,” Harris said. “I know personally; I don’t always find the words to say what I’m feeling, or find another way to help me through things. … Dance always does that.”

Harris said opening night went great and said she recommends this annual concert to all LCC dance students, no matter what their skill level.

“A lot of people have come in and out of my life, but dance has always been there for me,” Harris said. “It’s always accepted me and allowed me to grow and helped me to find my way through life.”

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