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The Lookout | July 10, 2020

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Celebrate 60 years with ‘The Lookout’

Celebrate 60 years with ‘The Lookout’ Old Central
  • On March 22, 2019

By Ashlee Buhler
Editor in Chief

The LCC student newspaper, The Lookout, will be celebrating its 60th year in publication on Monday, April 1.

Students and staff are invited to stop by the Center for Engaged Inclusion (GB 2204) from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. to celebrate and learn about the history of the paper.

There will be cake, popcorn and soft drinks for everyone who stops in. The Lookout T-shirts, while supplies last, will be given away to those who fill out a brief survey (see below).

“This is about the history of LCC and The Lookout and how they’ve intertwined through the years,” said Adviser Larry Hook, who worked for the paper as a student in the early ‘80s.

“The Lookout has been LCC’s watchdog almost since the start of the college’s existence. We’ve reported on the good, the bad, and the ugly at the college for six decades and we’re proud we’re still going strong after all these years.”

Old copies of The Lookout will be on display during the event for those interested in the early history of the newspaper, or the college itself.
Ed Warner, adviser from 1980 to 1983, recalled the time-consuming process of publishing the The Lookout in the early years of the paper.

“The staff would drive to a small town nearby where our printer was located and would do manual layouts of the pages on the paper,” Warner said.

“The printer printed galleys, (which were) long columns of type, and we’d wax the back of them, and press them into place beneath the headlines and photos, which we’d also waxed and placed into the layout of each page.
“It was a time-consuming task that now, of course, is replaced by computer-based layout.”

Warner also commended the students who made The Lookout an award-winning publication early on.

“A favorite memory from (my time at The Lookout) is when I, a new adviser just hired, was doing copy editing of all the text for a coming issue, and Marilyn Hobrla, the new editor, said ‘No, that’s our responsibility.’

“She was correct, but I was also impressed. It proved that The Lookout isn’t just journalism, it’s also young people taking responsibility, often staying late at the office, to get a job done well.

“It was due to editors like her and Mike Kitchen, and the wonderful staffs they were able to recruit, including Larry Hook, that the paper won those awards.”

Students interested in working for The Lookout next fall are encouraged to stop by the celebration for more information.

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