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The Lookout | August 4, 2020

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Club leader loves coding, community

Club leader loves coding, community

By Maddie Toles
Sports Editor

Coding, math and science.

For some, these words may bring about an instant headache, or flashbacks to GPA-killing classes. For 19-year-old LCC student Devin Stewart, it’s the opposite.

President of both Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) and the Math and Computer Science Club, Stewart has a passion for both leadership and the sciences.

Stewart, who attended Holt High School, is a student of the Early College Program, currently in his last year. He said he is hoping to transfer to Michigan Tech and major in software engineering. He said mathematics comes easy to him, but his passion really lies in coding.

PTK, an honors society for community college students, is very selective and considered prestigious. However, the Math and Computer Science Club is open to all LCC students, and Stewart said it is full of open discussions about software and coding, as well as opportunities to experiment.

Stewart’s focus is not just on the computers, but the people behind them in the club. He values his role as president of both PTK and the Math and Computer Science Club. Stewart said he wants to make sure he is approachable as a leader.

“For PTK, as president, it’s up to me to decide what I focus on,” Stewart explained. “The president for PTK has to know a little about everything, so I chose to be more about interacting with my members. Getting to know them, getting to know potential members. Who wants a leader that doesn’t interact with you?”

As for the Math and Computer Science Club, Stewart has been leading as student president for almost two years.

LCC mathematics professor Tristan Sprague-Williams, faculty adviser for the Math and Computer Science Club, shared his high opinion of Stewart.

“He has done a lot for the club,” Sprague-Williams said. “He has taken it upon himself to do a lot of promotion, advertising and organization of events, as well as setting up things for future presidents, such as an online discussion board for the club.

“The club has come a long way under his leadership. I’ve been really impressed with his display of responsibility and maturity. Also, he’s been a great student, keeping his academics along the way.”

When Stewart is not leading the clubs or balancing his busy coursework, he said he likes to practice coding and play video games. The love of coding, he said, can extend to many different opportunities and he’s unsure what direction he wants to take his software engineering major in just yet.

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