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The Lookout | June 19, 2021

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Library offers music room fun

Library offers music room fun
  • On February 8, 2019

By Maddie Toles
Sports Editor

The LCC library staff is embracing the New Year with a change to their third floor, including a brand-new music room.

The library is designating a new “entertainment wing” that features a music room equipped with new equipment. The wing also includes the relocated gaming room and the oculus room.

The music room (room 304) was made possible through a partnership with the LCC Music Department to create a space for students to practice their skills and be creative.

The room holds many new pieces of equipment, including a Mac with preloaded music programs, a Roland keyboard, and an electronic drum set.
A big concern for the designers of this project was the unsuitability of a music center in such a quiet environment.

To help remedy this problem, a mixer with an attached set of headphones is included among the equipment, in order to limit sound.

Danielle Hook, a library student-employee and tech guide, stressed the importance of a place where students can unwind.

“It will allow them to take a break from their studies and relax a bit,” Hook said. “That’s very important, especially during the stressful times of the year. We see a large spike, usually, right around finals because people want to be on campus so they can still access resources, but they also want to take some time to themselves.”

Hook explained how the accessibility of this is a great benefit, considering all students are welcome to check out and enjoy the new and improved entertainment wing.

Josef Welbes, a library technologist at LCC, was one of the main directors of this project. He discussed the importance of a creative space.

“It gives students a creative outlet and access to instruments they might not have at home,” Welbes said. “The music department, they have a similar set up with the computer and some equipment. We’re hoping to double up on what they’re doing as well as provide a place to play.”

This new room does not just aid students. Welbes said the library staff is excited to see fresh faces of people who would not normally come in to the building.

The library staff is also hoping to add more equipment and software in the future, but for now students have the freedom to plug in their own instruments as well as use the ones provided.