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The Lookout | September 16, 2019

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LCC gets $1.5 million gift for students

LCC gets $1.5 million gift for students Herrmann donation Herrmann donation
  • On December 17, 2018

By Shauna Stocken
A&E Editor

In honor of the late Dr. Christian Herrmann and his generosity toward LCC, a press conference was held Dec. 13 to unveil his most significant contribution to the college.

The gift was a $1.5 million donation, to be used for scholarships and student support.

“Throughout the years, Dr. Christian Herrmann has remained a generous benefactor to the Lansing Community College Foundation,” said Dan McKean executive director of the LCC Foundation Board.

Herrmann, who passed away in 2017 at the age of 96, provided funds to renovate LCC’s atrium addition in 1995, as well as for his historical childhood house. The house, located next to the main campus’s coy pond, is now home to LCC President Brent Knight and his wife, Risé.

Herrmann’s donation is the largest contribution ever gifted by a single person, according to Foundation Board officials.

“This gift of over a million dollars will help … many of our students to overcome obstacles and be successful,” President Knight said.

According to Knight, the donation will benefit LCC student success mainly in the form of financial student aid, for years to come.

“It makes a difference for individual students whether you can attend college and be successful or not,” Knight said. “Without this money, many students just wouldn’t have this opportunity.”

LCC foreign exchange student Jonida Seiellara, who is from Albania, is a recent recipient of an LCC international student scholarship.

“I think every student, when (they) win a scholarship, gets more motivated to go and study,” said Seiellara who began paralegal studies at LCC last spring. “Especially when you are international, because there’s an absence of your family here and you have support from the other people (at LCC) that makes it feel like you are with your family.”

Other speakers at the press conference included Toni Glasscoe, associate vice president of External Affairs & Development at LCC.

“Here’s the beauty; we have options,” Glasscoe said about the $1.5 million donation. “A lot of time when you have donations there are very specific things you can do with the money. Dr. Herrmann really gave us a lot of flexibilities. We can use the dollars for scholarships as well as student support.”

According to Glasscoe, a plan should be established within the next six months, detailing how to best to use the funds. Uses could range from student food assistance to scholarship opportunities, she said.

As stated by McKean, it was Herrmann’s heart and love for Lansing that inspired him to donate the way he did throughout his lifetime.

“Lansing Community College is worth the investment,” McKean said. “Our students are worth an investment, and there are other people who believe in what we do who would really like to invest in student scholarships.”

According to McKean 40 to 50 new scholarship opportunities are now available, thanks to Herrmann’s donation.

For a complete list of available scholarships, or to invest in LCC, visit the Foundation website at

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