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The Lookout | July 10, 2020

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History club visits two G.R. museums

History club visits two G.R. museums History club History Club
  • On November 20, 2018

By Islam Amir
Staff Writer

The LCC History Club organized a field trip to the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum and the Grand Rapids Public Museum on Saturday Nov.19.

Club President Lydia Warnke explained what she learned and enjoyed from the museums.
“I was able to explore the life of Gerald R. Ford,” Warnke said. “I find it fascinating to see the all the documents, videos and artifacts that tells the story of Ford’s presidency in the mid-1970s.

“From the Grand Rapids Public Museum, the coolest thing I found was the types of Santa. Apparently there is a Civil War Santa, Russian Saint Nikola, Nissen Santa and St. Nicholas.”

Many students said the historical perspective provided through the museums was really a quality experience for them because it helped them understand why things happened rather than just reading a text book.

Taylor Jett, a history major at LCC, said he joined the history club because history is something he really likes. He revealed what he enjoyed most about the trip.

“I joined the history club to do this kind of stuff,” Jett said. “I really enjoyed the trip and it was really exciting to see the real historical documents, cabinet room and the presidential office.”
Club Treasurer Meredith Meaton said she also enjoyed the trip.

“I really enjoyed every single time I spent in the museums because I was able to see the World War II and the president’s early childhood documents,” Meaton said. “I got to sit on the president’s cabinet meeting room, which is the coolest thing.”

LCC Early College student Darsalam Amir said: “I appreciate the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum because it feels like I am re-living the historical times of the only president from Michigan. “

Warnke said the LCC History Club welcomes everyone, regardless of major, to learn history and have fun. The club meets every other Friday at 11 a.m. Locations vary.

“I am president of the History Club and am going into business myself, which means it doesn’t matter what you are pursuing,” Warnke said. “My personal for the club is making history enjoyable for everyone.

“We will be also going to Mackinac Island in the spring of 2019, so come join us.”

To be a member of the history club or for more information, email the advisers, Wade Merrill at, or Anne Heutsche at

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