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The Lookout | May 27, 2020

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Dance students show their skills

Dance students show their skills
  • On November 20, 2018

By Sarah Barney
Associate Editor

A small audience gathered Sunday, Nov. 18 in room 3119 of the Gannon Building to watch dance students display their choreography and dance skills.

The free event showcased 10 different dances that were choreographed and performed by LCC students who were in the honors option for dance classes.

“Part of the honors option is to work on choreography,” Dance Lead Faculty Vickie Diebold explained. “They’re responsible for working on it outside of class and then putting it on and performing it in the showcase.”

The students started working on the dances in September.

“This was an amazing class; there was so much support for each other,” Diebold said. “It was amazing to see them work together as a group. … They all were there for each other and helping each other.”

Seasoned dancer Megan Rabideau, a third-year student at LCC, performed a piece choreographed by Brielle Mangles, set to “Run Away Baby.”

“I’ve very excited, I love to perform,” Rabideau said. “I’ve never performed at LCC before. I’m excited and nervous.”

Freshman Jessica Cressman, another dancer in the piece by Mangles, also choreographed a piece for the showcase. For Cressman, it was her first time choreographing a piece.

“(The dance) came from a dream,” Cressman said. “(Both of the dancers) really helped me with the middle part. I had the beginning idea and the ending idea and we collaborated on the middle part.”

Cressman also had music composed by her friend for the piece.

“She did an amazing job,” Diebold said. “She was very nervous about dancing and about choreographing for the first time. Not only that, she went out and had original music written for her piece.”

The next event for LCC’s dance department is a free Dance Open House Sunday, Dec. 16 at 4 p.m.

In addition, there are a variety of dance classes available for the spring 2019 semester, including for ballet, modern and jazz.

For more information on upcoming events, go to

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