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The Lookout | April 25, 2019

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Biden speaks at LCC; urges voting

Biden speaks at LCC; urges voting Elissa Slotkin Gretchen Whitmer Andrew Abood Media onslaught
  • On November 2, 2018

By Ashlee Buhler
Editor in Chief

Just days before the 2018 Midterm Election, a crowd of nearly 2,000 filled the Gannon Gymnasium at Lansing Community College for a “Get Out the Vote” rally.

The event, held Thursday, Nov. 1, was designed to promote Congressional candidate Elissa Slotkin, as well as other top candidates in the Democratic Party.

Former Vice President Joe Biden made an appearance, despite feeling a little under the weather. Biden informed the crowd he was battling laryngitis.

Although he spoke with a hushed tone, Biden’s message to get out and vote could be heard loud and clear.

“The only thing strong enough to tear America apart is America itself, and we’ve seen it start,” Biden said. “We have to make it stop. That’s what Tuesday is all about. Get the hell up. Go out and vote. Take it back, now, now, now, now.”

Biden had high praise for Slotkin, who has served three tours in Iraq, as well as gubernatorial candidate Gretchen Whitmer and incumbent U.S. senator Debbie Stabenow, who is up for re-election.

Slotkin, Stabenow and Whitmer also spoke during the event.

“All the pride marches, the women’s marches, the health care rallies, the immigration protests; none of it matters if we don’t turn it out on (election) Tuesday,” Whitmer said.

Prior to the speeches, Slotkin spoke to The Lookout about the importance of voting from the younger generations.

“As a national security person, the idea that young people could be turning away from the election process from the democratic system – I believe that’s a threat to our democracy,” Slotkin said. “I think it’s because people feels there’s a lack of integrity in Washington. The system is broken and we desperately need to do something about that.

“We need a different generation of leaders, who think differently and work harder and never forget that they are public servants … If you are concerned in any way about things like tuition or health care, you have to vote. Your voice is your vote.”

LCC student Brogan Eisler, 19, attended the rally and said he plans to head to the polls on Tuesday, Nov. 6.

“I loved (the rally),” he said. “I was going to vote for all of them anyways, so I thought it was a nice interaction. I could see them, they could talk to me, and kind of confirm why I was voting for them.”

Patrick Ondrus, a state worker, also attended the rally and said he is ready to see some changes.

“It’s great to see a new beginning here,” Ondrus said. “It’s time for some big changes. (Biden) is right … I’ve been involved with this for a long time and there are some big changes in the state that really need to happen.”

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