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The Lookout | February 28, 2021

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Library resources often overlooked

Library resources often overlooked
  • On September 27, 2018

By Sarah Barney
Associate Editor

Many students have already accessed LCC Library resources such as books, online databases or printers, but there are still a plethora of supplies that may be less familiar.

In addition to the standard library assets, the library, located in the TLC building, allows students to check out various types of technology, as well as to reserve rooms.

Some of the rooms available for reservation include an individual or group study room, an accessibility room, a gaming room and a 3D printing room.

“We always want to make our resources available to more students,” LCC’s manager of user services and user experience John Szilagyi said. “The biggest drawback is students do not know what is available.

“For practical and security reasons, the game systems and 3D printers are kept in rooms in the back of the library where students just casually walking through the library won’t see them,” he explained.

Szilagyi also expressed that students may not realize they can ask for items such as calculators or family kits, which are kept behind the desk.

Psychology major Amy Vue, who works at the multimedia desk in the library, agreed there are some resources of which students might not be aware.

“There’s a lot of things you can check out (at the multimedia desk),” Vue said. “We have chargers, headphones, Ethernet cables … in addition to iPads and laptops, there’s also calculators and GoPros.”

Vue spoke about how library staff seeks to help LCC students.

“Someone came in and wanted a charger for their Mac computer and we didn’t have one here, but one of the supervisors found one,” Vue said. “Whatever resources students need, we always try to accommodate them.”

Students looking to borrow technology from the library must bring a StarCard, driver’s license or other photo ID to the checkout desk; then fill out a brief borrower’s agreement.

For reserving a room, students are able to reserve one online, but may also reserve one by calling the multimedia desk. Photo ID is also required to make room reservations.

For more information about resources available from the library, visit or call (517) 483-1657.