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The Lookout | March 21, 2019

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LCC’s ‘Victoria’ play proves victorious

LCC’s ‘Victoria’ play proves victorious

By Shauna Stocken
A&E Editor

The play, “Victoria Martin: Math Team Queen,” was the second installment in LCC’s 2018 Summer Stage Under the Stars series.

While initially organized as an outdoor production for July 18 through 22 at LCC’s amphitheater, it was relocated to Dart Auditorium after the first two nights.

“We had contingency plans in case of bad weather,” said Dillon Smith, 19, who played Peter. “We were pretty prepared … I prefer performing inside, most definitely.”

Peter played the role of the senior high school student and mathlete captain who falls for Victoria Martin. The two share a controversial kiss while on stage.

“This is all very exciting, I’m just out of high school and coming into LCC,” Smith said. “This is all very jarring to me that I would get an opportunity to do such a wonderful thing with such wonderful people. This is exactly what I wanted to do.”

Freshman mathlete Jimmy, who provided many comedic moments, was played by 20-year-old Will Palmer.

Palmer said he said he could relate to his character’s funny side when he, too, was a high school freshman.

Aside from Jimmy’s corny jokes, one of the noisiest audience reactions came after Jimmy wet himself at a home baseball game.

“I was never embarrassed,” Palmer said. “I was more nervous about whether or not it would work; would the pee stain actual show up on the pants?”

All jokes aside, the play also touched on serious topics that many high school students and their friends face.

“Being fresh out of high school did help a lot because I still remember a lot of things that actually happened in high school,” said Emmie Paullin, 17, who played Victoria. “It’s like, ‘Oh, I can actually recall things from the play that have happened to other people.’”

Throughout the play, Victoria, the third most popular girl in school, is busy balancing her parent’s separation, a love triangle, and proving her worth to the math team.

Meanwhile, her friends combat their own issues: a male coming out to his male classmate and friend; SAT preparation; and winning over the math queen’s heart.

“It was real; that’s what I really liked about it and not just that, there was a lot of female empowerment,” Paullin said. “It was empowerment for the little guy. It was empowerment for everybody on stage.”

The third and final production of Summer Stage Under the Stars is LCC’s annual Summer Performing Arts Festival. The event runs July 24 to 27, with original dances every evening starting at 7 p.m. in Dart Auditorium.


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