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The Lookout | March 21, 2019

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Success coaches now assigned to all

Success coaches now assigned to all

By Shauna Stocken
A&E Editor

Starting this fall, LCC orientation will include meeting a success coach; a professional assigned to each student throughout his or her LCC career.

According to LCC Academic Success Coach Director Carrie Gregg, LCC’s Board of Trustees finalized the amendment this summer.

“Now we are introduced as a regular step in the admissions process,” Gregg said. “We’re step three, actually; apply, log-in and your success coach will call you. Right from the get-go students are being introduced to their success coaches.”

A team of 18 success coaches from LCC’s Academic Success Coaching staff is prepared to aid and streamline each students’ academic journey.

“We help students navigate the higher education system because we have a lot of resources here that students don’t even know,” Gregg said.

“Our program is very comprehensive. When a student chooses LCC now, they’re choosing a team.”

In years past, a success coach was either sought out by a student in need, or referred to a student by a professor worried about a student’s progress.

According to Gregg, the research behind assigning success coaches is that students are much more likely to reach out to somebody that has a name and a face; rather than a nameless, faceless entity.

“Students who answer the welcome call, we kind of just go through with them what some of the challenges might be,” Gregg said. “It’s a much more proactive model … We want to remove those barriers before they become barriers to their academic performance.”

No matter how a success coach is assigned, a coach will identify barriers in life and solutions are developed.

“If we’re working with a student and we know that they are struggling with writing, we’re going to guide them to the Writing Center to get that support,” Gregg said. “But it’s going to be much more of a warm handoff …

“We’re not just going to say that we have a Writing Center that you should utilize, it’s going to be a connection with the Writing Center. We walk them over there, we introduce them to the staff. We help them make an appointment. We follow-up with them to see how it went.”

The one-stop shop service assists students with study strategies, time management, self-awareness and campus engagement and resources.

With a motto to contact anytime, “even if you’re not sure where to start,” a success coach can be reached by email at

Only weekday appointments are available; times vary and can be discussed with a success coach on a case-to-case basis.

More information about the success coaches is available at

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