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The Lookout | February 28, 2021

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Alumna Margraves pushes her limits

Alumna Margraves pushes her limits Powerlifter sets records
  • On November 17, 2017

By Aaron Wilton
Editor in Chief
Lansing Community College alumni come in all shapes, sizes and backgrounds. Sharri Margraves is one of the cavalcade of alumni to see success through LCC.

Margraves, 55, attended classes at LCC around 1990, but she is still close by and comes to main campus multiple times a week. She trains in the LCC weight room with Jeff Buchin, who has been an adjunct weight-training instructor since 1983.

Margraves talked about her time at LCC as a student.

“I took classes at LCC a long time ago,” she said. “The reason I took classes was (because) I was in facilities management at Michigan State (University) at the time. So, I took an electrical class and I took a dance class.”

Margraves said she only began weightlifting in recent years. She has quickly improved and set some records along the way.

“I got started a few years ago just doing more of a functional fitness at a gym called ‘OPD,’ which is in Lansing,” Margraves said. “I started really liking the weightlifting portion and then I decided to compete one day.

“I think (my first competition) was the Michigan Senior Olympics, and I started looking for more competitive lifting opportunities. I started lifting at LCC not quite a year ago and I started lifting more regularly about four months ago.”

Buchin discussed working with Margraves.

“She is basically a three-lift person, where you do the bench, squat, deadlift, (and) she accelerates in that pretty well,” he said. “She still wants to exceed what she’s done … she’s a go-getter and she trains hard.”

According to Buchin, Margraves is wonderful to train.

“She’s very enjoyable to work with … a great personality,” he said. “She gives you 110 percent when she trains, that’s all a coach can ask for.”

One of the biggest moments in Margraves’ lifting career came Nov. 4 in Boston. She competed in the world weightlifting and powerlifting competition. She spoke about her performance in the competition.

“In worlds, I set four world records (in the Masters 4 division) and I won my class,” Margraves said.

Her record lifts were: for squats, 128 kilograms (282 lbs.); bench press, 80.5 kilograms (177 lbs.); and deadlift, 185 kg (364 lbs.). She also set another world record for her three-lift total. She had some advice to offer to women, and anyone who is unfamiliar with powerlifting or weightlifting.

“I encourage people to come and check it out,” Margraves said. “It’s like money in the bank. It is good for your bones and balance.”

For more information on the weightlifting visit or stop by the LCC weight room and talk to Buchin about the sport.