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The Lookout | June 17, 2019

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Campus revamp focuses on TLC

Campus revamp focuses on TLC
  • On October 6, 2017

By Aaron Wilton
Editor in Chief

The Abel B. Sykes Jr. Technology and Learning Center (TLC) will be the focus of a $12-million campus-renovation plan approved Sept. 18 by the LCC Board of Trustees.

About $8.7 million of the funding will be appropriated to different portions of the TLC building.

President Brent Knight outlined the renovation in his kickoff speech to all employees during Welcome Week in early September, according to a press release sent out by LCC.

Knight provided The Lookout with an explanation of the need for revamping the TLC building.

“The floor plans of most of the building will be changed and updated,” he said. “The (TLC) building was planned for paper, and people did not have devices when the building was planned. People did not have PCs when the building was planned.

“That’s just a huge shift. That’s really what we’re doing, is keeping pace with the technology.”

The TLC entrance that faces the A&S Building can expect a drastic change in layout and an improvement in functionality, according to Knight. He also said the other entrance, on the corner of Shiawassee Street and Capitol Avenue, will see minor exterior changes and major interior ones.

Rick Bushey, a general studies major at LCC, said that the campus renovations seem focused on the wrong area.

“I don’t think I’ve had any classes in TLC, ever,” Bushey said. “I do think LCC should focus on the parking situation so people don’t have to show up hours early to get a spot.”

Bushey added he has rarely had use of the library aside from the required visits for composition and English courses.

Knight assured people that the renovations will not affect student access.

“It would not have any impact on students in terms of their use of the inside of the building this academic year,” Knight said.

Knight also addressed the renovations planned for other parts of campus that are included in the $12 million budget.

“The (renovations aside from the TLC building) are more routine infrastructure updates,” he said. “We need to rebuild the air conditioning for the HHS building and we have some roof issues on various roofs of the college.”

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