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The Lookout | May 31, 2020

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New dean breathes new life into Student Affairs office at Lansing CC

New dean breathes new life into Student Affairs office at Lansing CC
  • On August 25, 2017

By Aaron Wilton
Editor in Chief

Lansing Community College recently filled the position of dean of Student Affairs with native Michigander Dr. Christopher Lewis.

Lewis, age 42, has been working in the student affairs field for 20 years. He spent the last eight years at Western Michigan University as the director of enrollment programs & student services and the associate director of admissions.

“I love being able to engage and work with students,” Lewis said. “And I’m really excited about what we’re doing here (at LCC) and the direction that we’re heading.”

Lewis talked about his short-term plans for LCC.

“I’ve been trying to get a feel for all the great things we’re doing here in the division,” he said. “We’ve got some work that we’re doing right now to define our goals.”

Lewis elaborated on the purpose of defining goals.

“As you probably know, Student Affairs is a very large division and, because of that, we want to make sure that everybody is rowing in the same direction. I know that doesn’t say, ‘We’re doing these five things.’ We’re not there yet, but we’re going to get there.”

Scott Skowronek, administrative assistant to the dean of Student Affairs, shared his perspective on the new dean.

“(Chris) really brings a lot of energy to the job,” Skowronek said. “He’s bringing a fresh outsider’s perspective to LCC, which has been really nice.

“We worked hard during the transition period to really prepare a lot of information, so that he would understand, coming in, what some of the major challenges are for the college. … Those challenges are our opportunities to get better for students.”

Skowronek said Lewis dove right into his responsibilities.

“Once he reviewed that information, he immediately hit the ground running; making changes and thinking about how we’re going to better serve students, moving forward,” Skowronek said.

Lewis said he enjoys interacting with students.

“We’re in this profession because we enjoy working with students, we enjoy working in this type of environment and we want to have these connections with students,” he said. “The dean of Student Affairs, as a position, doesn’t have to be something that is (distant from students).”


Photo by Aaron Wilton

Dr. Christopher Lewis is the new dean of Student Affairs at Lansing Community College.

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