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The Lookout | May 27, 2020

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Snider soaring in aviation

Snider soaring in aviation
  • On April 14, 2017

By Aaron Emerson
Editor in Chief

Jayne Snider has had quite an amazing journey.

She has been back-and-forth between what she has wanted to study. She has dealt with the loss of her father while attending college. Now she is in a spot at LCC she loves.

Snider is enrolled at the LCC Aviation Center, located in Mason. She is working on a double associate’s degree in Airframe and Powerplant Maintenance Technology.

Her goal is to someday work for Delta Air Lines, Inc., as a mechanic.

She recently got a big boost of help when she was awarded a $5,000 scholarship from Delta. The scholarship was given through the International Women in Aviation Program.

She also received a paid trip to the International Women in Aviation Conference as part of the scholarship. That was held in Florida in March.

“Honestly, I cried and probably said ‘Thank you so much’ about 10 times when they told me over the phone,” Snider said of the scholarship. “I was, and still am, blown away that (Delta) chose me amidst many great applicants.”

Snider said she hopes to complete the aviation program in August of 2018. She will then have to take written, oral and practical exams through the FAA to earn her certifications, which will help her land a job as a mechanic.

“Mechanic is a broad term, and I use that term broadly as I am still exploring the field,” Snider said. “For example, I could specialize in sheet metal, hydraulics or fuel systems. Or I could work more broadly, learning all about one model of aircraft in the fleet.”

Snider first went to school at Bethel University in Minnesota, earning a bachelor’s degree in physical education. She first attended LCC in 2011, enrolling in the EMT program.

That is when a classmate encouraged her to seek employment at the Lansing Airport, working as a contractor. Still working there today, it ignited a passion for aviation within her.

Though Snider is in a place she loves, just last year she lost her father right after enrolling in the program.

Eric Snider Jr., who was an assistant dean at LCC, was struck by a motorist while bicycling on his way to work.

Snider said her father also had an impact on her pursuing an aviation career.

“As an LCC administrator, he received an invite to an event the aviation program held,” Snider said. “He knew I was starting to think about returning to school and asked me if I wanted to go. We went, and our combined excitement set me on the path I am on.”

Todd Cotter, lead instructor of the Aviation Technology Program, had great things to say about his student.

“I thoroughly enjoy teaching Jayne, and see her as a truly valuable asset to absolutely any team,” Cotter said. “She is honest, dependable and incredibly hard working.”

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