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The Lookout | December 18, 2018

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You should start playing roller derby

You should start playing roller derby
The Lookout

Column by Haneen Hammad
Staff Writer

If you haven’t heard of roller derby, you need to hear about it right now.

It’s a fast-paced, full-contact sport in which two teams of five skaters compete to score points by overtaking each other on a flat track.

There are bruises, and the occasional broken bones, but the sport gets more popular every year. And it’s mostly organized and played by women.

Recently, I joined a local Lansing derby team and I have never felt more welcomed. I, like many others who joined the team, did not know what to expect.

Besides it being the most badass sport, playing roller derby comes with many positive attributes. Here are some reasons why you should play roller derby:

  1. There is a place for EVERYONE. While some other sports require you to look a certain way, roller derby is for all shapes and sizes.
  2. It’s a great stress reliever. The sport is a very high contact sport, and is a great way to release that negative energy that’s been building up.
  3. You will meet great people! Roller derby attracts a diverse crowd of awesome people who will soon become your closest friends.
  4. It builds your confidence. Playing on the team allows you to get to know your strengths and things you are really good at.
  5. You get an awesome Derby nickname. I am still trying to think of one for myself. Some of the other women are called “Bruiser,” “Princess Slay Ya” and “Social Smacktivist.”

For more information on roller derby, or to get involved visit: or

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