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The Lookout | September 16, 2019

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Police forum informs LCC community

Police forum informs LCC community
The Lookout

By Aaron Wilton
Associate Editor

Students, staff and faculty members had a chance to learn more about dealing with active violence situations, and were able to voice concerns with officers Rodney Bahl and Chad Beckett.

The LCC Police Department held an open forum and presentation session in Gannon Building room 244 on Feb. 7 from noon to 1 p.m. and on Feb. 8 in the board room of the Administration Building.

The first session was well attended. Among those attending was Renee VanDeventer, the student organization specialist and office manager for Student Life.

VanDeventer said she was aware of a lot of the information presented during the hour-long session, but that it is a good way to inform those who don’t know.

“It was very interesting,” she said. “I thought the information was all very helpful, especially if you didn’t already know it.

“It’s one of those things where you don’t think you’re ever going to be in that situation … but the more that you hear it and the more that you’re aware, the more prepared you can be.”

Police Officer Beckett helped lead the first meeting and ran the second meeting solo.

“Things that we covered in the presentation (included) raise awareness of the current trends in active violence incidences, … reactionary measures, … preventative steps … and a video: “Run, Hide, Fight,” Beckett said.

He said that they also discussed some of the more distinct features of the RAVE Guardian smartphone application.

“If you download the app, it’s very easy,” Beckett said. “It gives you the ability to set escort timers. When you sign up for this app you fill out your name, phone number and age, your basic description type stuff.”

Beckett said the app includes a panic button, which will automatically notify the dispatcher of the smartphone’s location. The escort timers are used as automatic alerts when the student fails to confirm that he/she has reached his/her destination, according to Beckett.

He added that the police department will continue to host forum sessions like this, but no dates are currently set.

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