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The Lookout | January 23, 2019

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What’s next after Women’s March?

What’s next after Women’s March?
The Lookout

Opinion by Haneen Hammad
Staff Writer

After more than 8,000 people rallied in the front steps of the Michigan State Capitol on Saturday, Jan. 21 to defend woman’s rights, many might be asking, “What’s next?”

The Women’s March was a success, but how do you turn a march into movement?    

One important thing to keep in mind is that we don’t stop now. We have come too far.

There are many actions available for people looking to go further with this movement. In fact, the Woman’s March organizers have started a campaign called “10 actions, 100 days” that focuses on the next step.  

The campaign provides steps to take that are doable on a personal level.

For instance, the first action asks individuals to fill out a postcard with the reasons why they marched and send it to their local senator.

I believe participating in this march should be an inspiration to participate and be more active in the community. The time has passed; we can no longer be OK with being unengaged.

Sitting back and not paying attention to what is happening in our country is no longer adequate.

Participating in the Woman’s March was – don’t get me wrong – a very bold and active statement. However, this march should be more than a onetime deal. The Women’s March should be a warm-up for bigger things.

For more opportunities to get involved locally, go to:

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