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The Lookout | May 26, 2019

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Students show portfolios in Gannon

Students show portfolios in Gannon
The Lookout

By Hannah Anderson
A & E Editor

After an entire semester of working on projects and refining old work, creative students brought all of it together to display for the portfolio showcase on Thursday, Dec. 8.

As part of the Arts 269 portfolio class taught by Susie Antcliff, the work was displayed in the Gannon commons. The showcase was from 5 to 8 p.m. Friends, family and future employers attended to support the students.

The class is for students who are preparing to graduate, and the showcase is a sort of capstone project, according to Antcliff. She said the showcase is a recurring event with a pretty good turnout, which helps students toward their professional goals.

“What’s great about this class is that the students are able to finalize their work and put together a portfolio that they can use for multiple things,” Antcliff said. “They take what they’ve got here to their job interviews … or they can get scholarships based on portfolios they’ve already established.”

Students from graphic design, web design, animation and multimedia majors participate in the event.

Christi Lopez, a student in the portfolio class, said she’s been working on a résumé, cover letters, an online portfolio and business cards throughout the semester. She said the class and the instructors were really helpful for her goals and getting her ready for future employment.

“I really wanted to walk out of LCC with a really polished final product that I can take to potential employers,” Lopez said. “This class really helped me weed through the classwork that I’ve done through all of the years.”

Dalton Twychell, another student in the class working with web design, said the course is fun and beneficial.

“It’s been a blast, working with everyone in the class – everyone’s helpful.” Twychell said. “I would highly recommend the course for anything you do. Either programming, art design, fine art design, anything that deals with 3D … It really helps.”

For more information on the portfolio class or the art, design and multimedia program, call Susie Antcliff at (517) 483-5256.

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