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The Lookout | May 26, 2019

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Construction project question answered

Construction project question answered
The Lookout

By Eric Joseph
Staff Writer

After weeks of constant questions by The Lookout, an answer has finally been provided in regards to construction located just west of the Gannon Building.

“LCC is building a wayfinding, directional tower in the cross section of the Gannon Building, the Arts and Science Building and Dart Auditorium,” said Brittney Villarreal, an executive office assistant from the president’s office.

“The tower will serve as a guide for students helping them locate buildings during the day or night. Construction has begun and will continue through the summer.”

According to Villarreal, students have been asking for a better navigational tool on main campus to find buildings.

Julia Rios, a sophomore applied engineering major, is one of those students.

“I could not find my way around campus my first day,” Rios said. “This new directional tower will help incoming freshman find their way a lot easier.”

As for the duration of the project, Villarreal said it will continue into the summer semester, and should be complete by fall of 2017.

“As of right now, the construction workers are working on the tower’s base before the ground starts to freeze,” Villarreal said.

“Having the navigational tower completed for the fall semester is anticipated. It all depends on if the weather cooperates.”

Construction workers have told The Lookout staff members there will be benches and perhaps artwork on the site. Villarreal would not confirm nor deny any of those reports.

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