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The Lookout | December 2, 2020

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‘None of the Above’ comes to LCC

‘None of the Above’ comes to LCC
The Lookout

By Hannah Anderson
A & E Editor

As we’ve all experienced at some point, first impressions can often be skewed and wrong.

Such is the case in the new, exciting comedy coming to LCC’s Black Box Theatre: “None of the Above” by Jenny Lyn Bader.

“None of the Above” opens at 8 p.m. on Sept. 30 and will show every Friday and Saturday until Oct. 8 in the Black Box Theatre (GB 168). General admission is $10 and student admission is $5.

In the play, a wealthy high school student named Jamie (played by Danica O’Neill) goes to answer the door one day, expecting her drug dealer. Instead she finds her SAT tutor, Clark (played by Richard Kopitsch).

Initially, she wants him to leave and tries a number of different ways to get him out. Both Jamie and Clark find that they don’t like one another because of how different their situations and personalities are.

As they find themselves stuck with one another and get to know each other, they come to find out surprising things about the other person that will help them understand each other.

This comedy deals with the themes of making snap judgements, senses of entitlement and intelligence, according to the LCC Theatre website.

Rehearsals are underway, and the students are hard at work to make the first play of the semester a success.

“It goes up the 30th, so it’s a fast turn-around.” Director Mary Matzke said. “But the students are excited about it, the set looks fantastic and we’re in the middle of finding costumes.”

Matzke said she chose the play because she liked the messages in it and could see it fitting well in the setting of the Black Box Theatre. She said it was applicable because the ages of the characters in the play matched the ages of traditional college students, which is rare to find.

Matzke added there is good chemistry among the cast. She is confident about having chosen the right person for the main role because O’Neill is a hard worker and a good fit.

For more information about the play, call LCC Performing Arts Production Coordinator Melissa Kaplan at (517) 483-1488 or go to

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