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The Lookout | September 22, 2019

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Looking back, and beyond, The Lookout

Looking back, and beyond, The Lookout
The Lookout

Once upon a time there was a 32-year-old man who decided it was time to change the direction of his life. He was tired of limiting himself to the physical and emotional drain of the everyday corporate restaurant world.

He returned to LCC after a long hiatus to focus on a career in writing.  Frequently, he would pick up LCC’s newspaper, The Lookout, and think to himself: “Hmm, I wonder if I could write for them.”

After poking his head in The Lookout office for several months, he was given his first story to write, about the LCC employee picnic. Not the most thrilling of stories, but he had to start somewhere.  

Soon they were utilizing him more.  He started to write stories he actually had interest in, such as movie and music reviews.

After several stories and acquiring a significant pile of Gibson’s gift cards as freelancer pay, he made the transition to staff writer.

He met colorful people during his official first semester at the newspaper.

There was Nathan, the low-key workhorse editor in chief; Sarah, the sarcastic snarky A & E editor; Joe, the loud and boisterous sports editor; Nikki, the sassy page designer; and Jaimie, the quiet and reserved girl.

After a semester of working as a staff writer, he was asked to fill the shoes of all-star Editor in Chief Nathan, as it was Nathan’s last semester at The Lookout.

For two and a half years after Nathan left, our man worked as editor in chief of the newspaper. Writing stories and planning out the newspaper became as essential to him as breathing.

He wrote about every topic under the sun: movies, music, Ice Bucket Challenges, one-armed climbers scaling Mt. Everest and the Flint Water Crisis.

Deadlines and AP style also became an embedded part of his life, as did his relationship with his staff.  

When you spend nearly four years with people in an office you feel an array of emotions toward them. When a story falls through there is anger and frustration. When your staff wins 15 MCCPA awards you are proud of them.  

When you break out the ping-pong table on deadline night you realize that although each staff member is different, they can co-exist and always find a way to have a good time.

Now it is time to bid adieu and close the chapter on four years of his life. What’s next for our protagonist?  Well, I’ll say one thing: writing is his passion and he will continue to be a writer in his post-Lookout life.

Of course our protagonist is me. So here is where I’ll insert the sentimental and emotional thank yous.  

First off, thank you Adviser Larry Hook for taking a chance on an eager and possibly annoyingly persistent writer. Thank you for seeing something in me to appoint me editor in chief, a positon that has both challenged me as a writer and a leader.

Thank you to my staff, which I have seen grow over the years.

Sarah, thanks for adding a snarky millennial flair to the paper.

Nikki, thank you for your diligent work on page design. You were the glue that held the paper together.  

Jaimie, you have come a long ways kid. Keep writing what you love, no matter what.

Brian, you are a gifted photographer and will go far, I know it.

Rich, your rants and character voices are as good as your colorful sports commentary.  

Shelby, you are another person I saw grow tremendously this year. From safe kitty columns to someone who wrote The Lookout’s best columns and reviews this year: good work, skillet biscuit.

Lurah, thank you for the brownies – you made for us each production night.  

Aaron W., you are more than just an “ad-boy.” Your willingness to help out whenever will go far working for the paper.

Team page design – Emma and Nicole – you were a welcome and witty addition to the staff this year.

Finally, Aaron E., I can tell by your stories that you are built for journalism. You are such an inspiring and dedicated person.

So here’s a big peace-out to my time at The Lookout. I’ll see ya on the flippity.  Kohn out.

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