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The Lookout | April 25, 2019

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‘Improv!’ to bring comic relief to LCC

The Lookout

Jaimie Bozack
A&E Editor

What do a pitchfork, snow and a radio have in common? Well, nothing at all.

LCC students will find a way to combine items like those above during Improv! directed by Andy Callis.

Improv! will take place Tuesday, May 3 at 7:30 p.m. in The Black Box Theatre. The event is free.

Students will dive into improv by creating stories and characters in the spur of the moment with the hope of making audience members laugh.

“We do some improv exercises that are fairly difficult, like scenes with rhymes or without morals,” Callis said. “They have to be very spontaneous and open. The hard thing is that the students have to be the actor and the playwright at the same time.”

Callis said the show will be similar to the TV show, “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” He said he hopes the students will create funny stories the night of the show.

“Improv is easier once you get over the tension,” Callis said. “Getting up in front of people, not knowing what is going to happen next and not being afraid is a hard thing to do.”

Callis said he enjoys watching the students perform.

“I love the hilarious stories that happen,” Callis said. “I also enjoy all the bizarre things that happen and the laughter, too.

“I think improv teaches students about creativity and storytelling. You can either advance your story or kill your story.”

Improv student Ndegwa McCloud has been in theater since high school.

“I didn’t like doing improv much in high school,” McCloud said. “Whenever I did it I felt like my scenes went to weird places that weren’t very funny.

“I like improv at LCC because some of the people are in my other theater classes. … It’s cool to know people actually want to participate and people are more open. I feel more free to do whatever.”

McCloud said he has been in several shows at LCC. He said he likes being on stage and looks forward to a crowd.

“I am never nervous doing improv because I feel like my whole life is random scenes,” McCloud said. “I am pretty comfortable being on stage. I like the crowd because there is interaction and so much more energy.

“I have known since I was young that I wanted to be an actor because I get more joy out of acting than anything else,” McCloud said. “I loved how going to the movies and watching TV made me feel. It helped me out in life.

“I have always wanted to be able to entertain someone and bring them to feel emotion. … That is what I value most.”

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