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The Lookout | July 13, 2020

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LEGO class offers hands-on education

LEGO class offers hands-on education
The Lookout

Aaron Wilton
Staff Writer

In the middle of LCC’s east campus, a LEGO robotics class is teaching adults how to build and program LEGO creations.

The class is held Mondays from 6 to 9 p.m. through May 2. Karen Delaney is the adjunct staff member leading the class.

“I just started working for the community ed. department and they asked me to come up with new, trendy classes that would reach the community members,” Delaney said. “This was one of those classes.”

She said there are very few classes for middle and high school students that are really hands-on in math and science, so the LEGO robotics class is one solution.

“The whole point is to get LEGO robotics out to parents whose kids are interested in it … and to get it out to teachers,” Delaney said. “It is such a great resource for learning both science and mathematics at the middle school and high school level.”

During class on April 11, students were learning how to build the robots.

“Next week they’re going to be learning how to move it, to turn it and all of the angles and degrees that it takes to do that,” Delaney said.

“The week after that I start talking to them about all of the different displays and sounds that it can make. And then I show them how to use different sensors (on the last day of class).”

Delaney said the four-part class is slated to be offered again in the fall, as well as next spring.

John Szilagyi, a librarian at LCC, participated in the class as a student.

“I heard about this class through myLCC, the news feed,” Szilagyi said. “A lot of libraries, schools and other places are doing a lot of these types of programs.

“Obviously I’ve played with LEGOs, but I’ve never made LEGO robots or known anything about the programming aspect of it.”

Szilagyi said building a robot was a lot of fun.

“It was a lot more complex than any LEGOs I’ve ever done before,” he added.

Anyone seeking more information can find it by searching “LEGO Robotics” on There are many courses available for youth or adult community members.

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